Carrol Benfer

I’d seen wooden jigsaw puzzles advertised on the Internet but they are all from overseas locations, so become costly with exchange rates and shipping costs.  Each piece is uniquely cut, some in the shape of animals and objects.  The puzzles are challenging but enthralling.  It has rekindled my love of jigsaw puzzles.  I couldn’t wait to purchase another two of the puzzles, which I completed the same day.

I have my Christmas shopping sorted for this year.

Nara Donaldson

I was gifted the butterfly puzzle for my birthday, not only was it fun to do but the quality is amazing. The colours are so vibrant and the different shapes throughout the puzzle are super cute, they really make this puzzle something special. I am definitely a fan and can’t wait to add more designs to my collection.


Twigg's Puzzles are absolutely captivating and totally addictive.  We love their puzzles; they are challenging, interactive and stunningly beautiful when finished.  A fun family activity for all ages.  The different puzzle shapes: birds, animals, insects, gymnasts and even a disco dancer are a delightful addition.

Hazel Wallace

"Excellent quality, unusual designs and unique shapes. Great fun and interesting to put together. I will be framing my favorite as a gift for Mum."