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Colourful Turtle

Just completed the colourful turtle 🐢 so much fun.

Twigg Puzzles
Joelle Browne
Gorgeous puzzle.

I bought this Saturday afternoon and finished it Sunday morning. Adorable pieces that just keep your enthralled. Superb quality.

Amazing Orchids

Absolutely loved doing this puzzle. The pieces are well constructed, colourful and challenging to the brain. I loved it so much I ordered 3 more. I now have my friends doing the orchid puzzle.

Twigg Puzzles
Awesome puzzle

I just finished the brilliant butterfly. Love the colours and the fun pieces. Really a great puzzle. I bit of a challenge but worth it. Thank you

Twigg Puzzles
maria thornton
Wellbeing program

I have a number of Twigg puzzles and love them. Recently I took some into work as part of our wellbeing program so staff could take a break and do some puzzles. They loved them and were a huge hit. The black cockatoo was particularly challenging. Jigsaw puzzles have become a regular feature in the tearoom now.


I purchased, as a gift for my 93 yr old mother for Christmas. She has absolutely loved having it on her table in her house where she could come back to it and work on it in her own time, and it has kept her busy over the hot summer. When finished she laughed and said that she had created a beautiful piece of artwork. They're lovely quality.

Twigg Puzzles
Lu Levy
Beatiful and sturdy puzzles

I absolutely love your puzzles!! Every single piece is a different shape and they are extremely sturdy. I feel like I am doing a piece of art while putting these puzzles together.
My daughter was travelling through Australia and found you at a market. What a great find!!
We have bought all of your puzzles and have donated a bunch to our local library and Teen Center.
Thank you for making such excellent products!!

Superior Puzzles Indeed

I am a wooden puzzle nut and have tried many overseas highly acclaimed overseas brands. I recently bought "Royal Hunt", 'A Special Girl - Yulia" and "Home Sweet Home". These puzzles are as good as any from the most highly respected brands. They all have interesting and challenging cuts, vibrant colours and great images. I would highly recommend these puzzles to even the most discerning of puzzlers.

Twigg Puzzles
Jan Bradley
Humming Birds- Advanced

My adult daughter and I did this puzzle together. It is amazing, beautifully made and a stunning picture. Very challenging...the shapes of the pieces are all unique. Great brain workout! These are not for beginners. Framing this one, so looking at buying another.

Twigg Puzzles
Nina Nyback
Awesome colours & shapes

I love these puzzles - I own 4 now & have given some away as gifts - the colours and shapes are delightful & they are both tricky and super fun to build. I will keep adding to my collection

Twigg Puzzles
Jennifer Witschey

I wrote a review before Christmas about receiving a puzzle with no pieces inside the box. I got in contact with the owners and they immediately sent me a new one. I highly recommend this small family business. Thank you for such a wonderful puzzle.

Twigg Puzzles
Karyn O'Brien
Loved doing the Groovy Van with my grown up kids on Xmas day

Beautiful image, different kind of puzzle and fun for grown ups to do on Christmas afternoon!

Twigg Puzzles
Absolutely amazing puzzles

We have purchased six puzzles so far over the past several years. Our Christmas tradition is to do Twigg Puzzles every Christmas Eve with the whole family. We love supporting this fantastic local business and look forward to purchasing several more puzzles this week.

Twigg Puzzles
Karyn O'Driscoll
Thank You

Thanks Kelly & Dave your puzzles are so beautifully crafted & such a joy to put together. I am now addicted......a standard puzzle doesn't cut it any more. Keep up the amazing work & I look forward to the new ones you create. Thank you.

Twigg Puzzles

I love elephants, so was drawn to Ellie. Now l intend to buy more of your beautiful puzzles. I am hooked. Thankyou for your creativity and encouraging mine.


This is my second puzzle & it was challenging but fun. Such beautiful colours & very well made can’t wait to do my next one.

Twigg Puzzles
Carlos Luna
Lo estamos disfrutando en Argentina!

Durante nuestro reciente viaje a Australia, estábamos buscando un regalo para nuestro hijo, que vivió 2 años en Australia, en un programa de Work&Travel. Vimos el puzzle en Eumundi Market, QLD y nos encantó! Sabíamos que nuestro hijo, había quedado encantado con las kookaburras típicas de Australia, así que no dudamos y se lo compramos. Le encantó!
Gran diseño y excelente calidad de materiales. Gran producto!!

Beautiful Orchid puzzle

My 17 yo daughter & I really enjoyed doing this puzzle together. Mum & daughter time is so special to us & we loved how well the pieces are made. It was fun. Thank you 😘🥰

Twigg Puzzles
Kerri Turner
Great Challenge for my 93yr old Mum and also for me

Thank you so much for your wonderful puzzles. I have bought mum - 93yrs old last June - 5 so far and she has just asked me to get her some more. She loves the subjects and the finish of the puzzles. She enjoys the pieces as they are more challenging than the standard puzzle uniform shapes.

Twigg Puzzles
Sam Di Cillo

I was given this Orchids Twigg puzzle as a birthday gift. I have been doing puzzles for over 45 years and can honestly say it is the most beautiful and interesting puzzle I have ever done. I love it and build it again and again. Thank you

Black Cockatoo

My absolute favourite Twigg puzzle. I liked the bigger size and the challenging white border around the beautiful cockatoo. Lisa Morales designs are fabulous. Have all the Twigg puzzles now. Can't wait until they bring out new ones.

Great quality puzzles!

Love these puzzles I ordered online. Great quality and amazing designs. I love all the different shaped pieces - makes it so interesting and fun to put together. Best puzzles I’ve ever done. I would definitely recommend.

Twigg Puzzles
Michelle Head
Black cockatoo is beautiful

Found in a store in Paddington Brisbane. I'm not good at puzzles but had to have it! Partner did 97% for me, he loves quite easy, but this was hard, he enjoyed doing it!!!

Twigg Puzzles
Another happy customer
Excellent puzzles thanks

Came across these on line by accident - absolutely beautiful puzzles. I ordered 3 as gifts to post to our grandchildren in Glasgow. I couldn't resist the beautiful elephant, and of course the kookaburra and koala for overseas - just perfect. I have enjoyed doing them too - will post in a year or so, as the children are a bit young for these at the moment, now I have seen them. Very pleased with the purchase, and delivery, and thank you for your beautiful work. I have posted these on a forum to show what I completed - so more orders might come in. What perfect gifts for puzzle lovers.

Twigg Puzzles
E Sutherland
Three very enjoyable puzzles; great value and definitely worth the purchase!

All three were challenging (especially the butterfly) but not frustratingly so. I have done all three puzzles more than once and I continue to derive much enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure from completing them. Initially I was given the elephant puzzle as a gift and because I enjoyed it so much, I sought out the company online and purchased this set of three. I love the bright colours of the puzzles and the shapes of some of the individual pieces. I also really value that the company is Australian owned and that that puzzles are Australian made. I had never purchased a jigsaw puzzle before and I am now a definite convert (of this type at least). The parcel arrived timely and was lovingly well packaged.